Channel Pipe Parts Industry Chain Welcomes Opportunities

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The application of grooved pipe fittings connection technology makes the complicated pipe connection process simple, fast and convenient. Pipeline connection technology has taken a big step forward. Weifang Tongcheng Foundry Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating foundry, development and supporting. The main products are: grooved pipe fittings of various types of automotive accessories, agricultural machinery accessories, pulleys, automotive brake discs and grooved pipe connectors, etc. At the same time, it can also undertake various ductile iron castings and gray iron castings according to customer requirements.
By introducing competitive products of comparable quality, a more fair market competition will be formed with the whole automobile factory and the manufacturer of matching spare parts, which will provide more and more economical choices for the consumers who need automobile repair. Independent manufacturers usually do not have access to technical specifications for their original parts, which is also the main difficulty in the future market. The goal of third-party inspection and certification is to test whether the performance of the spare parts is comparable to that of the original parts through technical means, rather than pursuing "differentiation" or "better performance"; to assist relevant government departments in formulating China's post-market standards, and to support independent manufacturers in the post-market to develop and produce the "performance-equivalent" post-market of the original parts. Parts and accessories.
The government resolutely implements the policy of breaking the monopoly of maintenance spare parts, bringing new development opportunities to domestic auto parts production and circulation enterprises. Wei Tongwei, Secretary-General of the Maintenance Parts Committee, pointed out that the post-market spare parts produced by independent manufacturers can provide lower purchase prices and lower the cost of the industrial chain compared with the original spare parts.
Parts may be the next antitrust focus. Parts for after-sale use have been subject to the control of the whole vehicle manufacturer. After withholding about 30% profit, they enter the circulation channel. This is the main reason for the high price of after-sale parts. The next step of anti-monopoly by national regulatory authorities may be to actively break the monopoly of automobile parts industry and reduce the cost of circulation channels. The breakdown of monopoly in spare parts industry will help to reduce the cost of automobile for consumers and promote the growth of automobile sales. The breakdown of monopoly in spare parts industry may lead to the rise of other sales modes, such as online direct sales of manufacturers, physical direct sales, monopoly stores, etc. The existing business model will be broken. Of course, it will also pose a huge challenge to the quality management of parts circulation link, which needs to be solved by the vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers together. The anti-monopoly investigation of spare parts industry will have a far-reaching impact on the automotive industry, which deserves in-depth study and close attention.
Since entering the new century, China's car ownership has grown rapidly. According to statistics, from 2003 to 2013, the ownership of civil automobiles increased from 23.8 million to 137 million, and the ownership of household automobiles per 100 households in cities and towns jumped from 14 to 21. China has entered the automobile society.
Experts point out that breaking the monopoly does not mean that all parts can be opened to the market, but should be more standardized and orderly to promote the healthy development of the auto parts market.
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